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aquatic sports include:

competitive swimming (racing)

Water Polo

syncronized swimming

water aerobics


underwater hockey

diving (as in doing difficult flips ect. off a diving board or platform)

diving (as in going as deep underwater as possible)

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Q: What are some aquatic activities?
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How can aquatic be used in a sentence?

He swam at the aquatic complex. or Aquatic activities appeal to me. or Some aquatic animals are carnivores.

What are some of the effects of human activities on rivers?

Loss of aquatic life Deforestation Industrial pollution

What are some of the effects human activities on rivers?

Loss of aquatic life Deforestation Industrial pollution

What is aquatic defenitinon?

The word aquatic means that something is related to water. There are aquatic animals that live in the water and aquatic sports which are activities performed in the water.

How do human activities threaten aquatic systems?


What factors affect aquatic ecosystems?

There are so many factors that affect aquatic ecosystems. Some of these factors include human activities like fishing, atmosphere, climatic conditions like wind currents and so much more.

Are salamanders aquatic?

Some are aquatic. All salamanders start life aquatic. But only a few are aquatic as adults.

Do all salamanders live in water?

No, some are fully aquatic some are semi-aquatic and some are terrestrial.

When would you use aquatic as an adjective?

Aquatic is always an adjective, meaning related to water or to the sea. Some examples are aquatic ballet, aquatic organisms, aquatic environment.

In what activity may a inflatable flotation device be used?

All Aquatic activities such as Sailing and Scuba.

What does an aquatic snail eat?

It eats moss and some of the aquatic plants

What are some activities and clubs in csun?

what are some activities i that i can be in at csunwhat are some activities i that i can be in at csun

Why is all life aquatic?

life is not all aquatic some lives are terrestrial and others are aquatic terrestrial- lives or grows on land aquatic- lives or grows in water

What eats aquatic plants?

Beaver, fish, ducks, some birds, most herbivore aquatic animals.

Do snails aquatic snails eat duckweed?

Some species of aquatic snail eat duckweed. Others do not.

Name of a type of North American aquatic Salamander?

Some aquatic salamanders include: Sirens and Amphiumas.

Do some alien races have aquatic characteristics?

There is no proof of alien life, if they exists they could have aquatic characteristics.

Are plants aquatic?

Some are.some are not.

What are some aquatic animals in Piedmont?

Tell me the answer

What is the name of the aquatic plant some of whose leaves are modified as small bladders to trap minute aquatic animals?

a bladderwort

What are some edible aquatic plants?

bog cranberries, lemon grass, check for even more edible aquatic plants.

What adaptations do some aquatic animals have?

Few adaptations in aquatic animals are : a) they have a pair of air bags b) some animals, including amphibians, like frogs, breathe through their skin these are the few adaptations in aquatic animals:)

What are some of the aquatic plants in the ocean?

seaweed and coral

What are some semi aquatic animals in Australia?


What are some aquatic animals that begin with U?