What are some Road To The Show tips?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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First, experiment a little playing different positions. I find outfield boring, infield more exciting and varied, but I play catcher because it helps move the game along a little quicker. I haven't tried pitching but I hear it can be a real grind. See which works for you. Baserunning can also be boring if the guys behind you foul off a lot of pitches. I have learned to count from the pitcher's first move to when the catcher catches the pitch. If it's 2-seconds or longer, I try to steal off the guy and will have a pretty good chance of making it. Quicker than that, beware! Stealing is a real gamble. To advance, follow your training assignments and try to meet your goals. If you finish them before the deadline, try to beef up important areas. I prefer contact and power since that's where you'll score the most points (and have the most fun). This is one of the best aspects of the game: Try to think like a real hitter! Take a look at what the pitcher throws when you come up. If it's all fastballs, gear up and swing away, but if he mixes in a lot of offspeed stuff, BEWARE! These guys and make you look bad on a regular basis...but if you have patience, curveballs and changeups are pretty easy to knock out of the park. After a while you'll recognize the pitchers and remember what they throw. Avoid swinging at the trash and crush their mistakes! You're not going to be a superstar right away so it can be a little humbling, but also rewarding when you work your way to the Show. Like I say, it takes some time to get good at but that's part of the attraction of the game. You'll have hot streaks and crushing slumps too. They'll both end so stay on an even keel and keep working. It's a very, very rewarding and fun game. There's a lot more to it but you'll learn as you go. Hope this helps, have fun!

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Q: What are some Road To The Show tips?
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