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they are called snow board boots

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Q: What are snowboarding boots called?
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Are the DC dredge boots good for snowboarding?

NO The Dredge boots are not snowboarding boots. They are casual snow boots with features that are used in certain snowboarding boots but are not meant to strap into bindings.

What kind of boots to wear snowboarding?

You can't just wear regular winter boots, you have to get special snowboarding boots. A trustworthy brand is always Burton

Are ski boots or snowboard boots more comfortable?

Snowboarding boots. By far

What does skiingneed that snowboarding do not have?

skis, poles, ski boots

Can you ride on a snowboard without wearing snowboarding boots?

no you need snowboard boots to fit into the bindings. it is like ski boots that fit into your skis.

What do you wear snowboarding?

Snow pants, hat, gloves, boots, coat

How do you stretch snowboarding boots?

walk around in them, use them, just break them in

What designers have clothing lines for snowboarding boots?

Here are a list of top 10 snowboarding boots which are under brand names. Burton, K2, Lib Tech, Gnu, CAPiTA, Forum, DC, Rome, Rossignol and Ride. They are all with good designed boots.

What equipment do you use and wear in snowboarding?

you have boots, bindings and a board then most people just buy snowboarding pants then just wear a hoodie

What shoes do you wear when snowboarding?

Snowboard Boots You can wear any specific snowboarding boots. Burton K2 D.C. and many more The prices range from 50.00 to 400.00 dollars. Dont worry about the brand just worry about how comfortable they are

What equipment does snowboarding have?

pretty much just the snowboard, boots, and bindings. And if needed a helmet, definitely gloves!

What equipment is need in snowboarding?

The equipment that would be needed for snowboarding would be a snowboard, boots, gloves, hat, goggles (optional), helmet (optional), coat, snow pants or snowboarding pants, and I would also recommend a good base like under armour.

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