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Q: What are six sports you wear short shorts when playing?
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Related questions

What is sports wear shorts?

Shorts are worn in playing many summer sports. Basketball and football (soccer) are notable for their players wearing shorts, as are track and field events.

What do professional beach volleyball players wear?

Girls usually wear short shorts with like a sports bra type of shirt and guys usually just wear shorts and no shirt

Who sings she wears short shorts I wear short shorts.?

Short shorts by The royal teens: Ooh man, dig that crazy chick. Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts. They're such short shorts. We like short shorts. Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts. Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts. They're such short shorts. We like short shorts. Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts. Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts. They're such short shorts. We like short shorts. Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts. .... OR it could be Taylor swift you belong with me: "she wears short shorts i wear t-SHIRTS mY ANSWER: TAYLOR SWIFT IT GOES: SHE WEARS shORT SKIRTS,i WEAR T-SHIRTS...

Who wears short shorts?

i wear short shorts

What do you wear with shorts?

I wear white knee socks with stripes at the top to match the color of my shorts but only in short shorts. if i wear cargo or board shorts i wear white short socks.

What should you Wear for Softball conditioning?

all you have to wear is running short with sliders and/or spandex underneath shorts and then a sports bra with a tee shirt

Are there any websites where you can buy lifting shorts on line?

Lifting shorts are very effective shorts to wear when you are lifting weight, playing sports, or cycling. These shorts can be found at many sporting goods stores as well as amazon.

What to wear to a sports party?

Wear: Tight shorts, a tight sports top and a hoody...

What are the winter sports for girls?

soccer beach vollyball(must wear short shorts ) golf and laccross

Is 69 degrees good for wearing short shorts?

Don't wear short short. Maybe Knee or Thigh shorts.

What do the athletes wear in the modern Olympics?

t shirt,trainers,shorts and all that stuff

Why did the nba go from short shorts to long shorts?

My guess is the short shorts went out of style as you notice back then more guys use to wear short shorts back then in public but now all these guys wear long shorts

What are brief shorts?

Shorts you wear for a short amount of time

Do most gay people wear short shorts at the gym?

At the gym short shorts can be worn by anybody at any time. There is no connection to being gay and wearing short shorts at the gym, straight men also wear short shorts.

Why men can't wear shorts?

WHAT!?! Men can wear shorts, just as long as they are not to short (Should be at the knees)

What do you wear with jordans?

well for guys you normally wear shorts, if your not like a "wearing short person" you should wear skinny jeans, or normal short for girls its skinny jeans or short-shorts

Will sports wear manufactures ever make nylon sports shorts again?


What kind of thongs do WWE divas wear?

they usaly wear boots and like a short shrirt and shorts or skirts

Why do people wear short shorts?

well there is no such thing all shorts have to be above mid thigh except boys because they cant wear shorts

Why is it good to wear sensible shorts at high school?

Short Shorts are fine

Where to buy shorts that arent to short or to long but mom approved Im 13 and my mom wont let me wear booty shorts but she will let me wear shorts just not to short need help?

Rue21 or goodwill

How can you wear tights if you dont have a short skirt or short shorts?

You dont?

What kinds of clothing would you wear for the tropical savanna?

Shorts, short sleeve shorts

What to wear to volleyball practice?

You Should Wear Some Shorts, & Maybe A Sports Bra. Or Shorts & A Tank Top

How do you wear sliding shorts?

You wear sliding shorts under athletic appearal for sports such as baseball or softball mostly without underwear but it's optional