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Q: What are signing statements in government?
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Does the US Constitution allow for a President to issue 'signing statements'?


Why do presidents sometimes issue signing statements?

Making laws

Which government body decides whether or not an action violates the constitution?

The judicial branch is the main actor that decides whether or not an action of the government is unconstitutional. However, technically the President can decide not to enforce parts of a law Congress passes on the basis of unconstitutionality through constitutional signing statements.

Why are presidential signing statements so controversial?

They don’t require congress to be a law and are only good for the term of the president.

Who are financial statements prepares for?

financial statements are prepared by accountants to submit to the government for taxation purposes.

What of the following statements defines a republican government?

We can't answer because we don't know the statements you were given.

What vehicle did George W Bush use to express his belief that more than 1200 laws were unconstitutional?

signing statements

Which of these statements defines the special relationship between Indians and the U.S. federal government?

Which of these statements defines the special relationship between Indians and the U.S. federal government?

In the statements dealing with the principles of government there is a list of what?


When a branch vetos a law which 1 of the other branches would check it?

The President can veto a law, but Congress can vote to override the veto and it will pass into law. In recent years Presidents have signed "signing statements" when they sign a law but don't like it. The signing statement states that the President is signing the law, but will not enforce the law. Clinton did about 400 of these type of statements, Bush did about 600 and I haven't heard if Obama has done any.

What is the difference between an acknowledgement and an affidavit?

An Affidavit requires an oath or affirmation that the statements of a document are true to the person who is signing.

How did the government respond to the anti-apartheid movement government?

By proposing and signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.