What are rules in racquetball?

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· two players (singles)

· three players (cutthroat)

· four players (doubles)

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Q: What are rules in racquetball?
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What are the rules in racquetball?

Check out the offical rules @ USA Racquetball

How was racquetball invented?

Racquetball was invented by combining some of the rules from handball, racquetball, and paddleball. It was invented by Joe Sobek. Racquetball was made an official sport in 1952 under the name of "paddle rackets".

What are some Racquetball facts?

There are many different facts about racquetball. Some include: -Racquetball was invented by a man name Joe Sobek. -Racquetball was made an official sport in 1952 under the name "paddle racquets." -Racquetball is based on the rules of squash, handball, and paddleball.

How did racquetball start?

Racquetball started when it was invented by Joe Sobek. He combined the rules of handball, paddleball, and squash to make this sport. It was made an official sport in 1952 under the name of "paddle rackets".

The equipment you need for racquetball is?

What you need for racquetball is Goggles (to protect eye vision) A specialized Racquetball Racquet Racquetball Gloves A couple of Racquetball Balls And A partner A place to play

What has the author Chuck Leve written?

Chuck Leve has written: 'Inside racquetball' -- subject(s): Racquetball 'Inside racquetball' -- subject(s): Racquetball

What is racquetball made out of?

Most commercially available racquetballs are made of rubber but it is not officially stated in the USA Racquetball Rules that it must be made out of a certain substance. As long as it meets the size requirements and functions correctly, it can be made out of a variety of substances.

Did Sioux Indians invent racquetball?

The sport of Racquetball does not have a long history like many other sports that are popular today. Racquetball is a game that was developed from other popular sports in early 20th century. It is a combination of handball, tennis, a Spanish sport - Jai Alai, and squash. Some say that the beginning of racquetball started in prisons in the 1800's when prisoners were allowed balls to hit against the walls. During this time it was just called "rackets". However, in America, the game can be traced back to the 1920's. It was Joseph G. Sobek who was a professional handball, squash and tennis player from Greenwhich, Connecticut in the 1940's that has taken most credit for the invention of the game. At this time, racquetball was still known as paddle rackets. At that time, history states that he was working in a rubber factory and it was where he worked that Sobek had designed the rubber ball that is used for the sport today. He, along with a partner also decided to combine the rules of handball and squash and start the rules for the racquetball. There were various forms of rackets and paddles, as well as balls that were used over the years until the right paddle and all was formed. Even today, the rules for racquetball can very. For example, in Australia, the racquetball court is played in a standard international squash court, which is 32 ft. X 21ft. (Americans play in a 40 ft X 20ft court). The Australians also follow the rules where if the ball touches the ceiling, the ball is considered to be out. In American rules, the court plays. These Australian rules are from the Victorian Racquetball Federation

What are the dimensions of a racquetball racket?

The official rules state that a racquetball racket cannot be longer than 22 inches. This includes the handle, bumper guard, and the face of the racket. There are no maximum width requirements. However, dimensions of racquetball rackets are subject to change depending on the year and brand of racket you use. They are available in a variety of sizes.

Is racquetball one word?

Yes, racquetball is one word.

Where did racquetball originate from?

Racquetball originated from the sports squash, paddleball, and handball.

What is the mass of a racquetball?

The mass of a racquetball is 0.0427 kg, and is about 1.5 ounces.

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