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Q: What are reserve referee at football matches is now called the fourth?
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Is there any football referee game?

Yes, there is one which called Football Referee:

What is the main official in football called?

A referee.

How do you spell refery?

A football official is called a referee.

What where football games called before Super Bowl?

American Football games were known as football matches.

What are people who watch football matches called?

Couch potatoes

Is there a judge in netball?

Yes instead of a referee as in football it is called an umpire and a timekeeper plus scorer.

Playing advantage by the referee in football?

It's otherwise called the advantage law in soccer. A clause in the law that allows the referee to refrain from stopping play for a foul if a stoppage would benefit the team that committed the violation.

What is the referee of rugby league called?

- The referee on the sides are called "Touch judges" - The referee who makes a unknown choice, which he has to call try or no try is called "video ref"

What are the different officials called in NCAA football?

Referee, umpire, linesman, line judge, back judge, field judge, and side judge.

How do you make a sentence with the word referee?

The referee called a foul on the team.

What are the referee helper called in soccer?

By referee helper, are you referring to the man on the sides of the field? If so, then you are talking about a linesman. [EDIT] According to the LAWS of the GAME pubished by FIFA. The "referee helper" and "linesmen" are officially named "Assistant Referees." In some matches another official, the "Fourth Official," is responseable for recording match information, maintining order of the bench area, subsitutions, and other responsabilities given to him by the referee.

The rumbling noise in all world cup football matches in the back ground what is that?

A horn type instrument called the vuvuzela.

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