What are red tees?

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I have never in my life saw someone with such a lack of knowledge. A red tee is a tee that is red! What a lack of knowledge!

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Q: What are red tees?
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Do junior golfers hit from red tees?

no, not unless your a junior girl

What is the purpose of different colored tees in golf?

The different tees in golf are established for different groups. Mens tees are the farthest, then the Senior's tee, then finally, the ladies tee. It is not set in stone, but that is the common ruling. Many sources are starting to create a champion tee for the player that thinks they can break out on tour next week. You can play a different course each time you play from the different tees. Many holiday golfers are known to play a Red, White and blue tournament. In this you tee off on 6 holes from the red, 6 from white and 6 from blue. By playing the different tees it changes the course, and you will find that a hole played normally from the blue tee is a lot harder from the red tee.

What are facts about the river tees?

the river tees is in newcastle

Is the tees barrage in middlesbrough?

the tees barrage is in stockton

Are rubber golf tees legal?

It depends which kind of rubber tees you mean. Like a driving range tees, then no. But you can use the pyramid tees that usually come in a bunch of three in three different sizes.

What do Tee marker colors represent?

They represent which club members should use this tee, for example, red tees ar for ladies, yellow for the men and at my course white tees are for competition only! this may vary from each course you go to in colour etc

Where is the river tees's meander?

its mainly located on the mouth of the tees.

How do you pronounce metis?

It is mey-tees. With the accent on 'tees' part

When was Tees Barrage created?

Tees Barrage was created in 1995.

What is Croft-on-Tees's population?

Croft-on-Tees's population is 470.

When was Tees Viaduct created?

Tees Viaduct was created in 1975.

What is the population of Stockton-on-Tees?

Stockton-on-Tees's population is 83,490.

What is Thornaby-on-Tees's population?

Thornaby-on-Tees's population is 22,620.

What if the golf course has no red tee markers?

Ask in the pro shop and see what the equivalent is, or just pick one of the other tees.

A bag of golf tees contains 23 red 19 blue 16 yellow 21 green 11 orange 19 white and 17 black tees What is the probability that if you choose a tee from the bag at random you will choose a green tee?

There is a total of 126 tees since 23+19+16+21+11+19+17=126 there are 21 green tees. Thus the probability of choosing a green tee is 21/126=1/6

Why are there multiple tee markers in a tee box?

There are a number of different tee markers because each one indicates which group should tee off from where, and for what purpose. Examples * Competition tees * General play tees * Ladies tees * Senior tees * Juniour tees

What is the sorce of the river tees?

The source of the river tees is a swamp, i think?

Which set of tees are played during golf pro-am?

During a Pro Am there are two sets of tees. Ones which the pros play off, these would be the tournament tees. The other set is the Amateur tees, from which the amateurs play off, these are usually quite far forward as much as 150 yards in front of the pro tees!

Where can one purchase personalized golf tees in a traditional store?

There are a few stores that offer printing of personalized golf tees. One purchase personalized tees from 'The Golf Tee Store', 'Golf Tees Etc' and 'Golfers Shop Here'.

Who is Tees Mar Khan?

in the movi tees mar khan akshay kumar is the tees mar khan and he is the thief.....he is the famous thief.....every1 wants to meet him...

A player tees off and drives his ball out of bounds He tees another and drives it out of bounds He tees a third ball and is shooting stroke?

hitting stroke 7

When did Tyne-Tees Regiment end?

Tyne-Tees Regiment ended in 2006.

When was Tyne-Tees Regiment created?

Tyne-Tees Regiment was created in 1999.

When was Radio Tees created?

Radio Tees was created on 1975-06-24.

When was Tees railway viaduct created?

Tees railway viaduct was created in 1860.