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pressure points are used to disable or kill your opponent quickly

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Q: What are pressure points used for?
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What is reflexology good for?

Reflexology is used for pressure points which are situated in the palms of hands and foot and it is used as pressure points to provide relief to various ailments in our daily life.

How do you fight like Neji?

Learn how to fight by pressure points and know where the pressure points are. The Chakra points in Naruto are really pressure points.

How many pressure points are in the foot?

There are 3 pressure points in your foot.

How many pressure points are there in the human body?

There are 358 Pressure points in the body

Where is a chart of the pressure points on the human body?

There are 365 pressure points on the human body and 365 accupressure points

Where are the human hand's pressure points?

theres more then 50 pressure points do be suprised

What are first aid pressure points?

points in your body that hurt when pressed or when pressure is applied.

What is the isoline for air pressure called?

An isoline is used on maps to represent points of equal value. The isoline for air pressure is an isobar.

The term used to describe the fact that the refrigerant blend has a range of boiling or condensing points at a constant pressure?

Temperature glide

What are the seven main pressure points on your body?

There are many types of pressure points. Some are called trigger points, others include; tender points, tsubos, aschi points, marmas, alarm points, and back shu points.

How do you use pressure points to knock someone out?

You simply, press the pressure point hardly, and they will fall out. It should only be used for self-defense.

What are the different pressure points in Elementary First Aid?

Pressure points are no longer taught in first aid. Direct pressure and elevation are what is taught.

Where are pressure points for sinuses?

This indicates where the pressure points are

Where are the pressure points in the human body?

pressure points are located near the shoulders, kidneys, and below the butt

Are there 365 or 385 pressure points in the human body?

Thear are 385 pressure points in the human body.

Picture of pressure points in body?

A picture of pressure points in body can be very useful for various medical processes. Acupuncture is one of therapies that relies on the pressure points of the body so as to become efficient.

What are the pressure points on the face?

There are several pressure points on the face to help relieve sinus congestion. These include pressure points in between the eyes, on either side of the nostrils, on the bridge of the nose and underneath the cheeks.

How are tender points used to diagnose fibromyalgia?

Tender points are used by form of physical examination where the doctor applies pressure lightly to different parts of the body, this is usually painful for fibromyalgia patients.

Why is it important to state the pressure at which boiling points occur?

It is important because boiling points are dependent onthe pressure.

What does it mean when Lugia is exerting pressure?

This means lugia's ability pressure is being used meaning any of your foe's moves that are used on lugia there power points will be drained by 2 instead of 1.

Why are melting points of pure solids reported without including pressure?

The pressure is not important for the determination of melting points of solids.

Where are all of the pressure points of the body?

What many people refer to as pressure points are also referred to as trigger points, tender points, knots, acupressure points, or reflexology points. They are all slightly different, but are closely related. They are located all over your body and generally follow lines. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) these lines are called meridians, channels, or vessels. In Traditional Thai Massage they are referred to as sen sib lines. Many of the points are used for therapeutic purposes and some are used in martial arts.

In shiatsu the points are called?

They are called the pressure points. These are the same as those used in Acupuncture, energy points that are part of the meridian system (lines of energy that run through out the body) It is possible to measure and track these throughout the body using scientific methods, but through training it is also possible to sense the meridians and pressure points with the finger tips and thumbs

Why are melting points of pure solids reported without including the pressure?

Melting points of pure solids are reported without including the pressure. This is because it is assumed that standard laboratory conditions of 1 BAR, or 25 degrees Celsius were used.

Which of these emergency is a knowledge of pressure points essentials heat strokes burns food poisoning bleeding?

Pressure points are used to control bleeding.

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