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as basic as it gets


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dont fall

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Q: What are pole vaulting regulations?
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What country is the best at pole vaulting?

pole vaulting is the best in the united states.

Which olympic sport requires a planting box?

Pole Vaulting

When did pole vaulting?

A Canal

When was pole vaulting invented?


At what age did Steve Hooker start pole vaulting?

Steve Hooker started pole vaulting when he was just five years of age

What has the author H Palfreman written?

H. Palfreman has written: 'Pole vaulting for beginners' -- subject(s): Pole Vaulting : Study and Teaching

What are the release dates for Pole Vaulting at Columbia University - 1899?

Pole Vaulting at Columbia University - 1899 was released on: USA: April 1899

Who started pole vaulting?

black jack

Pole vaulting champion?

michael gog

What is the pole called in high jump?

The "stick" itself is just called a pole or a pole vaulting pole. The poles are named by their length and maximum weight it can hold. For instance, a pole that is 12 feet tall and can hold a pole vaulter with a maximum weight of 130 pounds is a 12 foot 130 pole.

What is sport that begins with the letter p?


What is the trick to pole vaulting?

Balance, Speed, and Cordination.