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a person doing Archery is called an archer.

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Q: What are people doing archery called?
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What do you call doing archery?

depending on what exactly you are doing, it could be just practicing archery or bowhunting or "bowing"

How many people are needed tp play archery?

Depending on the activity played in archery, you can have up to several hundred people doing the same archery activity at once. However, most archery activities (such as target shooting, popinjay, splitting the wand etc) only actually need one shooter, assuming no degree of competition is desired.

Do you need upper body strength to do archery?

It depends all on what type of archery you are doing

Did Henry VIII do archery?

yes he did he was very fond of doing archery by Hettie Walton

What is the difference between field target and 3D archery?

Field target archery is when your in a field and your a long distance away from the target and 3D archery is like doing archery inside.

What is a called where you do archery?

An archery range perhaps

Why is archery called archery?

Archery comes from Latin arcus. ☻

What is an archery enthusiast or archer called?

toxophilite: a lover of archery; one devoted to archery.

What are beta-blockers used for?

to calm people down like if you are doing archery you want to be precise and accurate so they make you calm down and relax

What is a group of archers called?

A group of archers is known as an archery.

Where can you buy archery bows?

You can buy archery bows at a place called bears.

What is archery with explanation?

Archery was created to be a fun sport not for people to kill.

What is the alternate name for archery?

An alternate name for the Archery is Bowmanship, also, the love for Archery is called Toxophily.

What is the term missing the bull's eye in Archery?

The centre of the archery target is called the Gold.

Where can someone test out there new archery sight?

You can test out a new archery sight at the various archery areas. You can find an archery by searching for them in your range, with help from the internet people.

What is all the archery targets called?


How does archery stack up against other hobbies?

Archery is an active sport and has a rich history. Archery is not as common of a hobby. Archery is a fun hobby and is enjoyed by many generations of people.

What is archery tareget called?

It's called a target

Where can people practice archery in Miami FL?

Archery Best Edge and Everglades Archers

What country is archery from?

People believe archery started in Germany in 10000-9000 B.C.

What is a person who plays archery called?

An Archer. Just for the record, you do not "Play" at archery, it is a serious, highly skilled sport!

Who was Archery invented by?


What is the bag for archery called?

The 'bag' arrows are carried in is called a quiver.

What are the rings in an archery target called?

A Target

What are those who play archery called?