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After someone has served in the military they are called a veteran.

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Q: What are people called that have served in the military?
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What's military loan and what are military loan companies?

Military loans are just reduced interest loans for people that have served or are serving in the military. They are called veteran loans, and the government does them for people, and also banks.

How any people served in the German Military during World War 2?

around 18.2 Million people served in the German Military during World War 2.

Is Memorial Day a military holiday?

Yes, Memorial Day is a military holiday were people honor the military soldiers who have served in the United States military.

How do you find out if you are a veteran?

If you served in the military, you are a veteran. You do know whether you served in the military or not?

How many people served in the Canadian military in 1943?

75 000 mooses

How many people have served in the US military since 1775?

48 million

What percent of people serve in the is military?

If you meant the US military, then about 7.3% of the population has served in the military. About 22 million living Americans.

What purpose of government is served by military?

Protection is the purpose of government served by military forces.

What is a military vet?

Someone who has served in the military.

Does a presidential candidate have to have served in the military?

No country stipulates a candidate must have served in the country's military.

Are the people who were in the Vietnam war veterans?

US Military personnel who served in the VN war are veterans, yes. US Civilians (contractors, etc.) who served in the VN war are not US Military veterans.

Does it mean you served time for the military if you were a civilian contractor overseas?

Certainly the individual served time FOR the military; but didn't serve IN the military.

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