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Q: What are nouns relating to American football?
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What are four nouns describe football?

Nouns are not describing words. Adjectives are the words that describe nouns; the word football is a noun.Some adjectives to describe football are:popularphysicalintensecommercialSome nouns that are synonyms for football:competitionsportbusinessellipsoid (American), sphere (European)

What are three nouns relating to Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theatre?

Three nouns relating to Abraham Lincoln's visit to Ford's Theater are:wifeplayassassin

Can you give me some nouns realting to math?

Some nouns relating to math:additionsubtractionmultiplicationdivisionfractionsumremainderresultmath bookcalculator

What are two nouns for football?

Two nouns related to football are team and field.

What are some Christmas plural nouns?

Some plural nouns relating to Christmas are:SleighsReindeerWreathsJingle BellsSnowmenIciclesElvesChimneysMangersStockingsCarols

Identify the nouns in Michael was outside playing catch with the football?

The nouns are: Michael catch football

What would be the possessive noun for of or relating to you?

Possessive nouns relating to me:Mary's roomMary Smith's addressMary's phoneMary's friends

Is beasts a collective noun?

yes, collective nouns are relating to a group of individuals

What is collective noun for football fans?

What are some collective nouns for football

What words can be nouns?

Nouns are people, places, things, or ideas.Words such as: cat, Massachusetts, thought, ant, American (the American, not I'm American) and Tommy are all nouns.

What sports are nouns?

Football, baseball, basketball, racquetball, dodgeball are just a few sports that are nouns.

How do you convert possible into a noun?

The corresponding nouns relating to the adjective possible are possibility, possibilism and possibilist.

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