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Q: What are not the Olympic events in gymnastics?
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What are the two types of olympic events in gymnastics?

rhythmic and artistic gymnastic

How many Olympic games has Aly Raisman competed in?

2012 was her first year on the olympic gymnastics team in which she competed in 4 events

How many medals up for grabs for gymnastics in london olympic 2012?

Gymnastics has 3 disciplines with 18 events and 54 Medals. They are Artistic gymnastics (14) , Rhythmic gymnastics (2), & Trampoline (2)

What two summer Olympic events do men not compete in?

Synchronized swimming and parallel uneven bars in gymnastics

What Olympic events has a judge?

boxing judo figure skating gymnastics ice dance diving

A summer olympic event?

There are several events that are played in the summer Olympics. A few of the events are fencing, cricket, archery, and gymnastics.

What are Romania common sporting events?

Gymnastics (maxm International and Olympic awards(, Football. Handball, Rowing, Swimming etc.

Is the manner in which the Olympic gymnastics team chosen fair?

of course the olympic gymnastics people choose its teams fairly!

When did the olympic gymnastics start?


what category of gymnastics is considered one of the most popular Olympic events?

That is a matter of opinion. However, most gymnasts say that Floor is their favorite event.

Are there any Olympic events where men can compete in but women can't?

A number of gymnastics events: pommel horse, high bar, rings. In sailing the women don't sail the same boats. Decathlon.

When was gymnastics considered an Olympic event?

Gymnastics was considered a sport in the olympics in 1954.