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... is liable for any damage due to negligible actions...

what is negligible actions in this sentence. it's from a product information.

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Q: What are negligible actions in this situation?
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How much salt is considered negligible?

"Negligible" is a confusing term; this depends on a specific situation.

What does the R in react represent in a deployed environment?

Respond to the situation

What was madame schachter actions in the story?

she awakens them to the terror of their situation

How do you use vilipend in a sentence?

The situation was very vilipend due to his actions.

Sentence for negligible?

Talking about games during class is negligible

What is a situation in which an official's private interests may benefit from his or her public actions?

conflict of interest

What is a sentence using negligible?

The effects of the poison were negligible to the lab rat.

What is another word for negligible?

This is negligible. I'm not wasting me time.

Why you need to conserved mechanical energy in situation in dropping the ball?

This is the case when you assume that air resistance is negligible - and that therefore, no mechanical energy gets lost during the falling of the ball.

What is the first action you should take whe conducting immeadiate actions?

assess the immediate situation

What are the kinds of elicited acts?

Elicited acts are provoked by a situation, by speech or actions of others . Not spontaneous.

What does walking on eggs?

Walking on eggs means being careful. Dealing with a situation with which you are uncertain or unfamiliar. To minimise any damage you may cause by your actions in that situation.