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Right now (March 27, 2012) we have Tony Romo, Kyle Orton (John Kitna left), and Steven Mcgee (sry if my spellings are off)

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โˆ™ 2012-03-27 20:42:44
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Q: What are names of Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks?
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Who was dallas cowboys qyarterback in the ninties?

Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks in 1990-2000

What is the quaRterbacks name for the Dallas Cowboys?

The quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys currently is #9 Tony Romo.

Who are the Dallas Cowboys qbs?

The Dallas Cowboys' quarterbacks for the 2011 season are Tony Romo, Jon Kitna and Stephen McGee.

What are the names of all Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks since 1960?

Click on the 'NFL Rosters from 1920' link on this page to see every roster for every team since the inception of the NFL in 1920. Dallas cowboys in 1920-1930 NFL.

Who are the Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks from 1980?

Danny White was the starter and Glenn Carano was his backup.

What Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks were born in Texas?

Don Meredith, Sonny Gibbs, John Rhome, John Roach, Buddy Humphrey, Stephen McGee, and Wade Wilson number among the natural-born Texans in the roster of Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks.

Who were the starting quarterbacks for the Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys are a football team in the State of Texas. The new season is starting and the team is looking to their star quarterback Tony Romo to lead them to victory.

What are all the names for the Dallas Cowboys football team?

Since 1960, they have only been known as the Dallas Cowboys.

Who were the quarterbacks in the Ice Bowl?

Bart Starr of the Green Bay Packers and Don Meredith of the Dallas Cowboys.

Who were the starting quarterbacks in Super Bowl XXX?

Troy Aikman for the Dallas Cowboys and Neil O'Donnel for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What are some good names dissing the Dallas Cowboys?


Who are all the Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks?

Here are some of their better quarterbacks. Don Merideth, Craig Morton, Roger Staubach, Danny White, Troy Aikman, and Tony Romo. There have been others, but these were their best quarterbacks.

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