What are mechanic gloves used for?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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"Mechanic gloves are generally used to protect one's hands when doing mechanical repair or construction. In recent years however, they have become popular with Motocross and dirt bike riders, due to the flexibility over regular protective gloves."

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the use of household gloves are usually to protect your hands from any harmful cleaning products that may damage the skin on your hands.

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garden gloves are used for protection when gardening . protection from soil, dirt, and even insect bites

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Q: What are mechanic gloves used for?
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Where can I get mechanic gloves from?

Stores which carry car repair tools will carry mechanic gloves. You can also find these gloves online; e.g. eBay,

Where can I find information on mechanic gloves?

"Mechanic gloves are specialized gloves that mechanics use to work on engines. They are tear and heat proof. You could find a pair on Amazon, or Ebay online."

Where can I find good quality mechanic gloves? is a a website that specializes in high quality wear for a Mechanic. They offer a variety of protection wear including gloves for high performance work such as mechanic .

What kind of gloves can be used in carpentry workshop?

I prefer bare hands, over many years i have tried different gloves for carpentry and not found any useful. For rougher work, mechanic's gloves work fairly well.

Are mechanic gloves available at Walmart?

WalMart is a store that sells many items online. You can purchase mechanic gloves from WalMart and they will have it delivered to the store for free or to your home for a nominal cost.

Which stores sell mechanic gloves?

Mechanic gloves are available in several outlets. Sears, WalMart and Target all stock inexpensive ranges. If you prefer to shop online, try Ebay, Amazon or Autozone.

What kind of gloves will be suitable for a car mechanic?

For a car mechanic you need stury gloves, usually made of a thick material to avoid hot metal burns. It also helps if they have gripping material on the palms. There are specific gloves made for mechanics. One company that sells these is Mechanix Wear. You can find them onsale at many online retailers such as

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Gloves have been used since the fourteenth century B.C.

What type of personal equipment used in a lab protects the hands?


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nomex flight gloves

Can pva glue be used without wearing gloves?

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