What are lacross rules?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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honestly it depends on your gender...

In girls Lacrosse you start the game out with the ball at the center and two girls are in the middle (from opposite teams obviously :D) and that ball is placed in between the two lacrosse sticks on the back of it. then you fling it in the ar and chase after it for a catch/ground ball.

in girls lax u cannot hit eachother with your stick and f you do ht someone else's stick then it would have to be below the waist. there is a "bubble" around your head and necka area if your opponent puts ther stick in your face it's a foul. and when going after a groundball you cannot "cover" it with your stick and you cannot hit someone's stick if there isnt a ball in it also. and etc. etc.

sorry im a girl soo yeah i dont really know boys lacrosse =/

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Q: What are lacross rules?
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