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karate ka

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Q: What are karate students called?
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Who uses karate?

all karate students and teachers.

many students practice this Japanese form of self defense?


What does a karate instructor do?

* Teach karate students * Train hard * Go to tournaments * Sparring * Stretch

How many people study karate a month?

There are tens of thousands of karate students in the US alone.

What is a person who does karate called?

in engilsh a student.In karate a karate-ka

What is a karate gym called?

The place to learn karate is called the dojo.

What form of self-defense do Japanese' students study?


What are karate uniforms called?

In Karate, we mainly use Japanese words. Hence Karate Uniforms is called Gi (Gee)

Why do karate students and masters when they do karate moves?

The yell is called a Kia. It is sometimes referred to as a spirit shout. The yelling helps project power, strengthens the core and puts in a solid basis to send out the strength of the fighter.

What is a karate instructor's salary?

Most karate instructors do not receive a salary. They are either paid by the hour or based on how many students they have. The majority of karate instructors have other ways of making a living and karate is a sideline.

What is a karate expert called?

A teacher of karate is called Sensei. A really high ranked instructor who has earned the respect of their students may be referred to as Hanshi. A traditional martial artist is humble and will never ask to be called by their title, it is up to the other students to teach them the proper terminology. We call our Grandmaster (10th Dan) Sensei when talking with him, but refer to him as Hanshi or Grandmaster when we are talking to others.

What is a karate belt called in Japanese?

a belt or a karate belt in Japanese is called obi

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