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Besides obliviously being a professional athlete in any sport, all sport commentators have some kind of athletic background. Coaches are usually athletic.

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Q: What are jobs that involve sports?
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How many jobs involve sports?

Around 17. 18 if your from Cuba.

What jobs are there that involve babies?

Jobs that involve babies are day care workers, nannies, and babysitters. Other jobs that involve babies are nurses and pediatricians.

What jobs can you get with a sports qualification?

Jobs to do with sports.

What are non basic jobs?

they are jobs that involve you in it

What are some jobs that involve numbers?

Jobs that involve numbers include pharmacists, construction workers, and math teachers. Scientists, and people who reconstruct accidents also have jobs that involve the use of numbers.

What are all the sports that involve air?

Air sports :-)

What are senior projects that involve sports?

There are an unlimited number of projects that could involve sports. One might do a project on the effects of sports in a person's life for example.

What sports are played in the US?

all sports that involve lasagna

What sports involve speed?

almost all sports involve some kind of speed, whether it is the player themselves or the object they are using

What jobs involve taking fingerprinting?

There are various jobs which involve fingerprinting. For example, if you work as a forensic scientist you might have to analyze fingerprints.

Play And Learn?

Sports management classes involve learning everything there is to know about athletes and the sports they play. You can also learn the best ways to teach someone how to play a sport. Some of the jobs that you can get in sports management include teaching at a school or working in a hospital.

How many sports related jobs exist in America?

Sports marketing sports managements nfl jobs nba jobs baseball jobs ncaa jobs sports meia sports broadcastings sports sales sports internship

What sports involve agility?


What sports involve water?

Some sports that involve water are swimming, diving, boating, boat racing, fishing, scuba diving, etc.

What jobs involve electricity?

doctors, electricians, chefs, software jobs,

What Jobs Involve Chemistry?

A chemist

What jobs involve CAD?


What jobs involve physics?


What jobs can you get that involve cooking?

a chef.

What sports involve science?

All of them. Anything that you can perceive with any of your senses involve science.

What is the scuba diving sports?

There are currently no professional sports that involve scuba diving.

What do the Danish people do for recreation?

sports, café-life, social life, more sports, jobs, jobs and more jobs :b

When was Sports Jobs with Junior Seau created?

Sports Jobs with Junior Seau was created in 2009.

Are there any welder jobs in Brooklyn?

Yes there are a number of jobs that involve welding in the Brooklyn area. although welding is a bit vague, the jobs that you should go for are engineer or mechanic as these involve welding.

What jobs are there that involve art and design?

name as many jobs that invole art

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