What are hoops and yo-yo?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Hoops and Yo Yo are two funny characters that makeup funny but lame jokes. Sold in Hallmark.

Hoops- Pink

Yo Yo- Green

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Q: What are hoops and yo-yo?
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Who does the voice of hoops and yoyo?

Bob Holt is the voice of yoyo and the animator of hoops&yoyo. Mike Adair is the voice of hoops.

Is hoops and yoyo from hallmark?

Yes, Hoops and Yoyo is a collection that started in hallmark. They're a green bunny (yoyo) and a pink cat (hoops) that say funny things that play on most Hoops and Yoyo merchandise.

What are those pink and green cartoon bunnies?

Hoops&Yoyo : Hoops, a pink cat and Yoyo, a green rabbit .

Do they have hoops and yoyo costumes for kids?


What company are the characters Hoops and Yoyo from?

The characters Hoops and Yoyo are from the company Hallmark. They are featured on cards that are produced from the factories. There are also other characters from Hallmark.

Do hoops and yoyo have a last name?

loops and lo lo

Who is the purple mouse in hoops and yoyo and i dont mean Piddles the little blue one?

Not Piddles. That is PUCK.

What are some good hamster names?

Walnut,Raisin,Nibbles,Crumbs,Cupcake,Cookie,Hoops,Yoyo, and Hammy.

Where to find a Hoops and yoyo CD?

Hi, you can only order the special Christmas album online at BUY IT!

Who is Duncan Yoyo?

Duncan yoyo's are a brand of yoyo toys. A man named Duncan was the founder of a yoyo company that he had purchased and then sold his yoyo toys. They are a famous brand.

How do you say yoyo in spanish?


What part of speech is yoyo?

Yoyo is a noun.