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honor roll grades are anything from B- to A+ sooo u can have all B- 's and still get honor roll if u want high honor roll you can either have all A's or you can have more A's then B's it kinda ranges from school districts - hope it helped! :)

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Q: What are honor roll grades?
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Is honor roll higher than merit roll?

No, Honor Roll is higher. Honor Roll is with all grades of 90 and higher. Merit Roll is with all grades of 80 and higher.

How high do your grades have to be to get honor roll?


Is honor society or honor roll better?

Honors society means you are taking harder classes. Honor roll is getting better grades.

What grades in middle school do you need for honor roll?

It varies, but the common United States middle school honor roll grades are 85 and above or 88 and above. 85 is more common though.

What grades do you need to get to make honor roll in elementary?


How do you get an honor roll with bad grades?

try to do the extra credit

How do you become a honor roll student?

Keep up with your grades.

What grades do you need to make honor roll?

Mainly 90s and up but you can get honor roll with high B's and A's like 85 or 87 and at least two A's.

What grades you need for super honor roll?

In my school system, you need to get all A's. For me, that is all grades being 93 or above.

Can you have 2 C's and two honors classes and be on the honor roll as long as your GPA is still a 3.5?

I go to a private school and the rule here is you can be on the honor roll if you maintain a 3.4 GPA or higher and have no grades below a C. So congrats on your grades, hope this helped.

Is it fair for students be required to be on honer roll for them to do extracurricular activates?

Extracurricular activities are important to round out your education, and are often important and fair in high school to be on the National Honor Society that takes service and leadership activities into account besides grades. The Honor Roll usually considers grades only, not extra curricular activities. It is up to the school system, however, to define their terms. Frankly, I never heard of extra curricular activities as a requirement for honor roll.

What grades do you need to be on the Honor Roll?

To make honor roll you have to get all grades above a 85. And your average or GPA has to be 90 or above.To find your average you add up all your grades and divide it by the number of subjects you did [which would be on your report card].Uh, I don't know I guess at my school it's A's and B'sbut for Straight A's I think it's this Superintendent thing!

What grade point average is it to make honor roll?

To get honor role these are the following requirements you will need : ----> All grades have to be an average of at least 90 or above. ---->all grades must be 85 or higher. Those are the requirement needed to get honor role. EDIT: Actually, no. To get on the honor roll all you have to do is have a GPA of at least 3.4 and higher. It doesn't matter if you have some A's,B's,C's,D's, or even F's. As long as it's 3.4 or higher-your on the honor roll.

How do you get on honor roll?

you have to get all a's for gold honor roll at the end of the term, or to get on honor roll, you have to get a's and b's at the end of the term.

I suffers from leokoria would i be pregnant?

I personally have many goals to reach this school year. My main goal for this year is to get good grades and make honor roll. I chose to pick this goal because I have wanted to make honor roll for a really long time and I haven't gotten it yet. What inspired me to think of this goal is that all of my friends have honor roll and I don't. I think that I will achieve this goal by paying more attention during class and studying more often for upcoming tests. The people I think that will be the most happy are my parents. They have wanted me to make honor roll for a long time. If I get good grades this year I hope that I will achieve my goal.

What grade is Honor Roll?

If your on the honor roll it means that you have all As.

What is the award above honor roll?

the ultimate honor roll

Do you capitalize the word honor roll?

Only if you are referring to a specific honor roll.

How do you make honor roll in middle school?

B+ and up equals honor roll A+ equals high honor roll

What type of honor roll is it when you get A's and B's?

merit honor roll

What grade makes honor roll?

B+ or higher makes honor roll A- or higher makes high honor roll This is the grading system at our school

What is an Honor Roll?

an honor roll is the list of the top pupils or student in a class.

What is the difference between principal's honor roll and honor roll?

Principal honor roll means straight a's (4.0 gpa) or have one b (3.8) and honor roll means straight b's (3.0 gpa) or few b's

Can you get a b plus and b minus in honor roll?

yes. in a b honor roll

What is the duration of Honor Roll film?

The duration of Honor Roll - film - is 1.55 hours.