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Greek sports are those sports which are introduced by Greeks and Romans Sports are those sports which were introduced by Romans.

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Q: What are greek and roman sports?
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Greek and roman sports?

ball sack suking

Who was Nike in Greek mythology?

Nike was the Greek goddess of victory, usually in sports. Her Roman equivalent was Victoria, who dealt more in victory in war.

Is the greek sports the same as the US sports?

Yes and no. There are some Greek sports in the USA sports.

Was Saturn greek or Roman?

If You are talking about greek an roman gods, it is roman.

What was the greek and Roman sun god?

The greek and roman god of sun is Apollo for both greek and roman

Is Hephaestus a greek or Roman?

Hephaestus is a Greek god not Roman.

Is Apollo Roman or greek?

Apollo is Greek god not Roman.

Is Pegasus Greek or Roman?

Pegasus is both Greek and Roman.

Where did the Greek's play sports?

the greek gods played sports at an olympian places......

What sports do Greek do?

Sprint.100 meter sprint is dedicated from greek sports.

Is this a Greek or roman myth how do you know?

It is a Greek myth if written by a Greek in Greek, or stated to be originating with the ancient Greek people. It is a Roman myth if written in Latin by a Roman citizen.

Venus' Greek or Roman?

Roman. Venus's Greek counterpart is Aphrodite.

Is Saturn a greek or Roman god?

Saturn is a Roman god not greek

Who is the Greek and Roman queen of the gods?

Hera(Greek) Juno(Roman)

Was Thor a Greek or a Roman?

Thor was a Norse god, not Greek or Roman.

Was Zeus a GREEK or ROMAN god?

Zeus was Greek. Jupiter was Roman.

What is the blend of greek and Roman cultures?

The blend of Greek and Roman cultures is referred to as Greco-Roman.

What Greek or Roman god or goddess starts with the letter 'p'?

Persephone (Greek) Proserpine/Proserpina (Roman)Pan (Greek)Poseidon (Greek)Pluto (Roman)

How are todays sports different from roman sports?

roman sports averagely were deadly and modern sports are rarely a threat over an injury

How do youday sports similar to the roman sports?

they aren't similar because roman sports were deadly and harsh but 'youday' sports isn't

Is zeus greek or roman?


Is Calypso Greek or Roman?


Is Achilles Greek or Roman?


How do you say sports in Greek?

αθλητισμός in Greek

Is the god Zeus a Roman or Greek god?

He is Greek god, but he does have a roman version Jupiter