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Q: What are good weather conditions for mountain skiing?
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What is the weather like in February in Bulgaria?

February is mid-winter in Bulgaria, so the weather is pretty frosty. It's mostly around or below 0°C and it is often snowing. There are good conditions for skiing.

What mountain is year round skiing in Oregon rhymes with good?

Mt. Hood

Where are people skiing?

This is an extremely broad question, so my answer is very broad. Anywhere with a good mountain and good snow.

Does Michigan or West Virginia have the best snow skiing?

Neither state is notes for good skiing. Small amounts of vertical combined small amounts of natural snow result in poor skiing conditions

What is a good place to go water skiing in VA?

Since I live in VA.I enjoy water skiing on Smith Mountain Lake. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!

Climate and overall weather conditions at Hogwarts?


What is 'It's good weather to go skiing' in Italian?

E' un bel tempo per andare a sciare.

Which is the best temperature for snow skiing 10 c or 40 c?

Neither one. Snow starts to melt at 0 c, so you'd be looking at really ugly conditions at 10 c. 40 c is a good temperature for water skiing. Minus-10 c would be a fine temperature for snow skiing; minus-40 c would be dangerous because of the risk of cold weather injury.

What mountain range would you go skiing in the middle of July?

There is not too much good skiing in July anywhere. Try Araphoe Basin in early June or South America (chile, Argentina) in august.

What is skiing good for?

skiing is good to do for funskiing is a healthy way to get exerciseskiing is an enjoyable family activity

How do you check on weather conditions in Antarctica?

A good site is Weather Underground, and I've linked it below. It has current conditions for dozens of stations, and you can click on any station to get more information and past weather records.

How was Leif Ericson's conditions for traveling?

good weather

What weather is good for ice-skating?

hot humid conditions i believe

What is the difference between a weather watch and a warning?

A tornado/thunderstorm watch means that weather conditions are good for tornado/thunderstorm. A tornado/thunderstorm warning, however, means that conditions are extreme and a thunderstorm or tornado is likely. Conditions for either storm are very good at this stage.

What is a good title for an essay about skiing?

skiing or snow adventure

What is the importance of knowing about weather conditions?

It is always good to be prepared all the time.

Are mountain and valley breezes good for the environment?

Ya, cuz it is a breeze, it is part of weather!

Whats the weather in the summer like at the alps mountain range?

go on its good

Is skiing good for you?

Skiing is good for you because it stretches your muscles, and you move a lot so you get a lot of exercise.

What are four types of weather conditions?

The four types of weather conditions are tornados, hurricanes, winter storms, and thunderstorms. When severe, each of these storms can caused a good deal of damage.

Is today a good day to go skiing?

That depends on where you are, and whether you're talking about water skiing or snow skiing.

In what weather conditions does the capacity plate that indicates the maximum weight and or maximum number of persons a boat may carry safely apply? say good weather. answer d. if you have the same quiz as me.

Are there any hills in Wisconsin?

There are a lot of great hills in Wisconsin that are great for skiing There are plenty of good mountains aswell, but I would have to say the best mountain is definitely Cascade Mountain

What are the different kinds of weather and how does it helps?

the different kinds of weather are sunny cloudy rain snow sleet hail wind tornadoes hurricanes thunderstorms etc. sometimes it helps by giving us warm weather or good skiing weather or getting rain in a place that is experiencing a drought.

Good weather to travel from Adelaide to Darwin?

The best time, with the best weather conditions for travelling between Adelaide and Darwin is August-September.