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the candy canes!!!

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Q: What are good soccer team names for red and blue?
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What are some good soccer team names that havent been used?


What r good names for a girls U12 soccer team their jerseys are neon yellow?

the highlighters

What is the color of Italy's soccer team?


What are the team colors for Greece soccer team?

the team colors a blue and white (there flag colors)

What are the names of the German soccer team?

Bayern Munich

What the names of agentinas soccer team?

The Argentinan football team are called the Pumas.

What is a good name for your soccer team?

Soccer Stallions ;)

What is Italy's soccer team and uniform?

The Italian soccer team are sometimes referred to as the Azzurri. They usually play in a dark blue.

What r good names for a girls U12 soccer team. their jerseys are red and white striped?

The red and white bulls

Is the Greek soccer team good?

There is no "Greek" Soccer team. I think you mean is Greece a good soccer team?? they're not great...they're a very average team...maybe lower than average

Is America good at soccer?

Yes they are good at soccer, but they are not the best team in the world.

What are the names ofr the Mexico soccer team?

oswalda sanchaz