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Court side is where I sit and they are very good!

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Q: What are good seats for a Miami Heat game?
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How was the crowd for the Miami Heat in game 5 of the nba finals?

not that good

Use impressed as an adjective on a sentence?

I am impressed by how good the Miami Heat are playing.

Miami Heat doing good?

In recent years, the Miami Heat have done very well. They have appeared in four NBA Finals, winning two championships along the way.

Why do people hate Miami?

because the heat don't play good quality basketball.

Are section 86 row bb good seats at fenway?

there npot bad its fun to see the game on those seats

How good is the Miami Heat?

they the best in the league and 100 % better then the lakers and the celtics and the celtics just cheated the heat when they played them and they just cheat to win and the Miami heat is definitely going to win the championship this year because of lebron wade and bosh

What cap does Flo Rida wear in the video good feeling?

Customized Miami Heat fitted cap

What team is better the Chicago bulls or the Miami Heat?

both but bulls put drose is good but bulls

Is Oklahoma City thunder better than the Miami Heat?

OKC by far! The Heat are to cocky and LeBron thinks he's so good but he's not.

Do Liverpool fc sell goodeseats?

No idea what "goodeseats" are but they do sell good seats for viewing a game. Be careful though because some seats at the back have a bad view and there are pillars which means people seated behind them have a restricted view. You can go on the Liverpool FC website and view a seating map which will show where the restricted view seats are. 99% of the seats are very good for a game experience.

Are the Miami Heat good?

( Im A Cleveland Fan From Elyria,Ohio) The Miami Heat Are Very Talented , But they Need Chemistry.LeBron James Is The Power Guy That Most Of The League Doesn't Want To Guard. Miami Is 1 for 16 at a chance to tie or win a game in the last 10seconds . The Coach Needs to Get THEM TOGETHER , AND E+LET DWAYNE WADE TAKE OVER THE TEAM HE HAS BEEN BEFORE Bosh, And LEBRON CAME.

Who is going to win the NBA 2011 playoffs?

The Miami Heat will. Due to the fact that they have good players and a great overall team.

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