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Activities for small children and babies should aim to stimulate the mind to encourage creativity. Good activities should also encourage the use of shapes and numbers. Multiplayer games such as snakes and ladders can also enhance the childs social skills.

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There are many fun and free activities available for families. Some of these include picnics at a local playground, visits to the library, attending community sporting events, going on a nature hike, visiting galleries or staying home and making dinner together followed by an evening of Board Games.

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Try camping or crafts as well as traveling.

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If you have smaller younger kids, the best thing for them is to get out and have fun by going to parks and places that make them enjoy life.

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Q: What are good park activities?
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One of the activities that is found at Tilden Park in California is mountain climbing. Another of the activities that is found at Tilden park is to picnic on the grounds.

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Camping and fishing

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