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Lawn tennis requires hand/eye coordination skills. A person must also react quickly to hit tennis balls properly so as to return them back over the net.

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Q: What are fundamental skills required in lawn tennis game?
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What are the fundamental skills in playing softball What are the fundamental skills in playing softball ---------- As the Manager in the movie "Bull Durham" said to his team, "It's a simple game. You throw the catch the hit the ball." Those are the fundamental skills required to play the game. You could also include running.

Use the word refining in a sentence?

She is new to the game of tennis, , but she spends hours practicing and refining her skills.

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What are the fundamental skills in Sipa?

In the traditional and native Philippine sport, Sipa, the skills necessary are speed, agility, and the ability to control the ball. The game consists of two teams which kick a ball back and forth over a net in the middle of a court the size of a tennis court. For more information, visit the Related Link.

What does a tennis game start with?

A tennis game starts with a serve.

Which country national game is tennis?

tennis is India's national game.

What does the word deuce mean in tennis?

When both players have a score of 40. Two consecutive points are required to win the game.

Who made up the game of tennis?

The Romans made up the game tennis but they used wooden tennis rackets.

What is another word for tennis game?

Another word for a tennis game is a match.

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Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis was released in May 2006. This is a realistic simulation game that required two players. The game also feature a drop shot.

Where would a tennis game be played?

on a tennis court

When did the game of tennis start?

The modern game of tennis originated in England in the 19th century.

Where did table tennis originally come from?

The game of table tennis has its roots in lawn tennis. When lawn tennis became very popular in the 1870s & 1880s, game makers tried to emulate its' success by developing indoor versions of the game. David Foster of England introduced the first action game of tennis on a table in 1890. The game of table tennis has its roots in lawn tennis.

What is the origin country for tennis?

The modern game of tennis originated in the United Kingdom in the late 19th century as lawn tennis and had connections to the ancient game of real tennis.

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The object of the game of table tennis is to be the first person to 21.

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Can Paddle tennis help your tennis game?

No its completely different

Game or sport that starts with a t?

Tennis, Table tennis,

What is a game or sport that starts with an t?

tennis, table tennis

How do you get singles in tennis?

singles is a game of tennis that is one on one

Will table tennis affect my tennis game and training?

No, it should not. It is not difficult to differentiate between tennis and table tennis.

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