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Q: What are four sports or games which use a circle or a sphere in their play?
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What four shapes have formulas which include the symbol pi?

A circle,An ellipse, A sphere,A normal (Gaussian) distribution.A circle,An ellipse, A sphere,A normal (Gaussian) distribution.A circle,An ellipse, A sphere,A normal (Gaussian) distribution.A circle,An ellipse, A sphere,A normal (Gaussian) distribution.

Which one of the four is least like the other three cube circle sphere pyramid?

The circle.

What is the relation between sphere and cone?

The ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes proved that the volume of a sphere is four times that of the cone with base equal to a great circle of the sphere and height the radius of the sphere. Maybe this is what the poser of the question meant.

What is a four dimension figure in mathematics?

2-D. 3-D. 4-D Circle. Sphere. Glome Square. Cube. Tesseract

What four sports that have been in every Summer Games?

sot put sprint swimming

When was Four-Cornered Circle created?

Four-Cornered Circle was created in 2007.

Solid whose surface area is 4pie times the area squared?

The surface area of the 'sphere' is four times the area of a 'great circle',or (4 pi) times the RADIUS squared.

What are the four types of sports in physical education?

the four types of sports is MDC

How many right angles lies on a sphere?


What is the volume of a sphere with a radius of four?

A sphere with a radius of 4 units has a volume of 268.08 cubic units.

What was the collective name for the four ancient tournaments in Greece?

The PanHellenic games is the collective name for four separate sports in ancient Greece. Those four games included Chariot Racing, boxing, Wrestling, and various foot races.

Can you square a circle?

No. A circle has no corners and a square has four corners. There is no object that has no corners and four corners.

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