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It is were you and your opponent rally using forehands and it is a stable and consistent you hit to him/her and him/her hit to you

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Q: What are fore hand rally in tennis?
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What are the basic skill you need to play tennis?

in tennis the basic skills are fore-hand and back-hand

What is a tennis stroke called?

Fore hand, back hand, and a serve that scores a point is an ace.

What is rally in tennis?

A rally in tennis is a sequence of shots within a point.A rally starts with serve and return of the serve, and a sequence of shots until the point is won by one of the players.

What is sequence of shots in tennis called?

A rally.

How do you win a point in a game of tennis?

Win the rally.

Need a catchy team name and slogan for our golf teams Rally for Cure Golf Event. We have to display this on our golf carts.?

What type of rally is it? If it is a car rally what about 'Driving fore the cure'.

What is the first shot in a tennis rally called?

combariene shot

What are some moves players use in tennis?

back hand, fore hand, smash, ace, fault, double fault, let for serve, deuce, advantage, top spin, slice, chop.

What is let in table tennis?

A let is when a point is not scored during a rally because that rally was stopped before it was completed.

What is the longest rally recorded in professional tennis?

The record for the longest tennis rally was set on July 20, 2013. There were 50,970 strokes in a game between Frank and Dennis Fuhrmann.

What is a rally in ping pong?

A table tennis rally is the same as a rally in any other racket sport. A rally is a series of "passes" between the players, with players hitting legal shots in turn.

What sports are played in Monaco?

Tennis, soccer and the rally at Monte Carlo

In tennis What is it called when you and your opponent successfully hit the ball back-and-for?

a rally

What is a rally in table tennis?

A rally in table tennis is when you try to hit the ball to each other, keeping it in play. The amount of times you hit it is your score, and the higher the better. Hope that helps :D

What is the suitable prefix for cast father hand option are pro fore and re?


What is the Longest tennis rally in a major?

Kapp versus Duggan. 1997. That was a major/

What is rally in table tennis?

When the players keep hitting the ball to each other, without missing the ball. The rally stops when someone misses it :)

What is a bird in the hand good fore?

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

What is love 15?

It is the score in a tennis game after the person that served has lost the first rally. Love is the same as zero in tennis terminology.

What are the two bones in your fore hand called?


Longest rally in Grand Slam tennis tournament?

11 hours and 5 minutes.

What is the longest tennis rally?

The longest tennis rally in history is 17,062 non-stop shots in 9hrs 10 min in Alameda, Ca between tennis pro's rob Peterson and Ray Miller in 2001 as part of a USTA event. (Other claims have been made but not verified/ as required)

What is the term rally mean in tennis?

Rally means when you and your partner have consecutive hit returns on the court. When some asks you if you "want to rally" they are basically asking if you want to go and hit back and forth to improve strokes.

What is a table tennis game between two players called?

I think it's called a rally

What is forehand in tennis?

Forehand in tennis is a type of shot that you do with your right hand (if you are left handed you do forehand with your left hand).