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Some common tennis terms are as follows:

  • Deuce (a score of 40-40 in a single game)
  • Smash/Slam (an overhead hit using the user's full power to hit the ball fast)
  • Volley (when the player hits the ball before it hits the ground; it is a common misconception that it can only be done at the net, as there is a term called the 'baseline volley' where the player hits the ball before it hits the ground at the baseline, rather than at the net)
  • Half-Volley (a hit right next to the ground where the ball just bounced off of the ground and barely got off of the ground)
  • Winner (the most common term used on the court; it is a shot where the player hit the ball but the opponent could not get their racquet on the ball)
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Q: What are five common tennis terms such as the ace?
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