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track: sprints, hurdles, walks, and long distance running field: throws and jumps.

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Q: What are field track in Athletics?
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What is the official name for track and field?


What is the name of the local and international organizations responsible for the sport track and field?

the international governing body for track and field is the IAAF which is the International Association of Athletics Federations. because internationally track and field is known as Athletics

What is the official name of track and field in the Olympics?


What is the meaning of trackandfield?

Track and Field is a type of athletics. Events take place on a running track and a field that is located nearby.

Is hurdles a track or field event?

hurdles are only used in hurdles - athletics. if that is what you are looking for...

What your favorite olympian sport?

Track and Field - the true athletics by definition.

In athletics what section does pole vault come under?

Track and field

Who is a field judge in athletics?

an official who enforces the rules at a football game or a track and field meet

Is the 100 yard dash its own sport?

No, its part of track and field athletics.

What sport did Patrick Johnson play?

He was a 100m runner in track and field athletics.

When did track and field come to be called athletics?

since the first olympic games

In athletics what is the shortest running distance?

In indoor track and field, there is 50 meter dash, however, in outdoor track and field, 100 meter dash is the shortest.