What are field bunds?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What are field bunds?
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How can ring bunds help on flood control?

Ring bunds can help in flood control along the hill slopes and filed boundaries as they reduce the soil erosion.

What are the different measures?

build bunds and cover soil with grass

What are the different conservation measures?

build bunds and cover soil with grass

How can ring bunds help in controlling flood on hill slope?

boundries are filled so they reduce soil erosion

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What is terraced fields?

It is when slopes are being terraced(flat lands) to be able to build bunds to retain water for wet rice cultivation.

What raised area of earth designed to hold back floodwaters?

Flood defences, flood barriers, levees, dikes, floodbanks, embankments, stopbanks, dams, bunds

What are raised areas of earth designed to hold back floodwaters?

Raised areas of earth designed to hold back floodwaters are called levees. They are typically built along rivers or coastlines to help prevent flooding in surrounding areas by redirecting and controlling the flow of water. Levees can help protect communities and infrastructure from the destructive impacts of floods.

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