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There are three kinds of sword (foil, epée and sabre), each one with its own rules.

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Q: What are fencers sword called?
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What are people who fence sword fight called?

They are called Fencers.

What weapons do fencers use?

Fencers use any one of three weapons, Sabre the cavalry sword, Foil the practice blade, Or Epee the rapier.

What is the practice between fencers called?

Quart and Tierce

What has the author Aldo Nadi written?

Aldo Nadi has written: 'The living sword' -- subject(s): Fencers, Biography

What is a practice between fencers called?

There is no special word for a fencing practice; it is typically called just that: practice. Occasionally they will drill, working on specific actions, and occasionally they will bout, and play a Poule (a mini-tournament among the fencers).

Where do fencers come from?

Fencers are participants in the sport of fencing, a sport that uses swords.

Who is the patron saint of fencers?

St. Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of fencers and fencing.

Is the white sword the same thing as the master sword?

No the white sword is actually called The L1 Sword and the Master Sword is the L3 Sword. The L2 Sword is the Noble sword, and The L1 Sword is called the Wooden Sword.

What is Cloud's sword called on Kingdom Hearts?

Cloud's sword is called the Buster Sword.

What is the handle on the sword called?

The handle on a sword is called a Hilt

What is inuyasha's sword called?

Inuyasha's sword is called tetsiesga

What is that wire connected to the back of the Olympic fencers?

It registers the touches, called a bodycord and connects to a sensor on the weapon.

What is the sword called in Halo 3?

It is simply called "the Energy Sword".

What is a fencer's sword called?

Besides the word sword, which is frequently used, it can be called a blade, or called by what type of sword it is: Sabre, Epee, or Foil.

What do fencers fence on?

a mat

What rhymes with Spencer's?


What are sword handles called?

Sword handles are called hilts. See the link.

In the Aztec code what is the sword called?

Cortes Sword

What is the name of Hercules' sword?

The sword was called Anaklusmos

What is Gandalf's sword called?

Gandalf's sword is called Glamdring, or "Foe Hammer."

What is a pirates sword called?

A pirates sword is called a nimcha also known as a scimitar.

How is a short sword useful in a battle?

Depending on the time period you are talking about it might be used as only a ceremonial piece, but if you are talking about the times when they actually used them in battle.... The swords that were used at that time where quite long and difficult to move from an attacking position to a defensive one. The short sword allowed the fencers to defend themselves faster than trying to block the long sword with their own long sword.

What is the sword in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets called?

The sword was Godric Gryffindor's sword.

What is a Narrow sword?

The Renaissance fencing sword was a narrowed bladed sword called a 'Rapier'.

What is the Sikhs religious sword called?

The religious Sikh sword is called the Kirpan.