What are facts about the star of david?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Star of David is the 1979 movie starring Norifumi Suzuki and Bunta Sugawara.

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The first problem with the question is the misnomer. The Hebrew is not Kochav David (Star of David) but Magen David (Shield of David). David was an Israelite King and a renowned warrior. The Shield of David is the emblem on the shield he brought with him into battle with Canaanite tribes and the Philistines. It became a symbol of the protection that God gave to the Israelite Kingdom under his and Solomon's reigns. In more modern times it is seen as symbol of Jewish unity since Jews are the descendants of the very Israelites that David protected with his shield.

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Q: What are facts about the star of david?
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king solomon was the son of david and yes i mean davids star david he was a very wise man because he saked god for wisdom

Who was the David in the star of david?

The David in the Star or Shield of David is King David from the Tanach (Jewish Bible).

Who did the star of David belong to?

the star of David belonged to king David of the Jews.

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In Hebrew, the name of the star is 'Magen David' which means David's Shield. It's said that this star was the shape of David's shield, the star itself isn't a symbol of David though.

Which religion is the star of David for?

The star of David is a factor in Judaism.

How many stars are on the Israel's flag?

It is the Star of David, an important Jewish insignia.

Why do Jewish people call the star of david?

The Hebrew word for the Star of David is the "Magen David",

What was the star of David?

The Star of David, or the Shield of David, is a Jewish civic symbol representing the Jewish Nation.

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How is the star of David used?

The six pointed Star of David is a symbol of Judaism.

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