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They are the 12th ranked team in the world. They compete every year in the six nations championship and every four years in the Rugby World Cup. Their most capped player is veteran fullback Chris Paterson, 109, who is also their top points scorer with 809. Their home ground is Murray Field and are coached by Andy Robinson of England. Their current captain is Ross Ford. They took part in the worlds first international game of rugby against England on the 27th march 1871 which Scotland won 1-0. Their largest win was 100-8 against Japan on 13 November 2004 and largest defeat was 10-68 against South Africa on 6 December 1997. They have competed in all seven world cups in which their best ranking was fourth. They made the world cup quarter finals every year up until 2011. They have a fierce rivalry with the English team competing every year in the 6 nations and for the Calcutta cup, a cup only contested between the two nations. They have an overall win percentage of 42.41% winning 260 of their 613 games.

NB: All stats are as of August 2012

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Q: What are facts about the Scottish rugby team?
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