What are facts about the Rabbitohs?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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*They have plenty of money with Russell Crowe behind them
*They always recruit well
*They still can't make the eight

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They are the best team because they are the oldest (1908), have the best coach Michael Maguire and have won the m

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Q: What are facts about the Rabbitohs?
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When was South Humber Rabbitohs created?

South Humber Rabbitohs was created in 2006.

When was South Sydney Rabbitohs created?

South Sydney Rabbitohs was created on 1908-01-17.

Who is the best nrl team?

SOUTH SYDNEY RABBITOHS DOESNT ANYONE GET IT?Tigers suckRabbitohs rockNumber 1 are the Rabbitohs

South sydney rabbitohs premierships?

the rabbitohs have 20 premierships and there about to have 21 this year and 20 is the world record go the bunnies

Who is rabbitohs halfback?

Adam Reynolds

Who will win rabbitohs v cowboys?

Cowboys all the way!

What is the name of the mascot for south sydney rabbitohs?

lucy the bunnie

Why is rabbitohs the best nrl team?

Because they won the most premierships

Who is better raiders or rabbitohs?

raiders r way better then the rabbits

What important gas do rainforest produce?

go rabbitohs!!!!!!!!!!!! yoshi eggs

Who is your favourite nrl team?

South Sydney Rabbitohs. SAINT GEORGE!

Who has won the most NRL premierships?

Rabbitohs- 20Roosters- 12Bulldogs- 8Sea Eagles- 8Broncos- 6Eels- 4Raiders- 3Knights- 2Panthers- 2Storm- 1Dragons- 1Tigers- 1Sharks- 0Warriors- 0Cowboys- 0Titans- 0