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Sir Donald Bradman's middle name is George and his dad's name is George!!

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Q: What are facts about sir Donald Bradman Australian cricket player?
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Who holds most batting records?

Brian Lara has probably the most records of modern-day batsmen.The greatest of all batsmen was Donald Bradman, who holds the record for the highest test average (minimum 20 tests qualification) and numerous other records.YES. SACHIN TENDULKAR is the correct answer. He holds the record for highest number of runs in all major formats of the game (TESTs and ODIs). He also holds many other records to his credit. Every appearance he makes is itself a record.He also has scored the most number of centuries in either formats of the game. He is a complete player given his skills in all departments.Many critics of cricket rate Sachin ahead of Bradman for the single fact that Bradman played in the early 1900's before 1950's. And cricket was not that developed during those days. The quality of the game has improved over the years and also Sachin has played in ODI's as well which Bradman did not get a chance to play. So, many CRITICS regard Sachin as better than Bradman.

Who was the youngest player to play worldcup cricket match?

Talha Jubair (Bangladesh) is the youngest player to play world cup cricket match. He was 17 years and 70 days in 2003 Cricket World Cup to play for Bangladesh

Who was the oldest player to play worldcup cricket match?

It was Dave Richardson.

Who was the first African American trumpet player?

Donald Brashear.

Who is associated with the term Nawab of Najafgarh?

Cricket player of India Virender Sehwag

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What is the surname of the greatest Australian cricket player?

Bradman is the greatest Australian cricket player.

Among cricket fans who is generally accepted as the greatest player of all time Donald Bradman or Fraeme Hick?

Donald Bradman

Among cricket fans who is generally accepted as the greatest player of all time Donald Bradman or Graeme Hick?

Donald Bradman

Who has got highest double centuries in test cricket?

Australian Don Bradman has scored more double centuries in Test cricket than any other player, with 12.

What town was sir Donald bradman from?

He was one of the greatest batman in the world. Had a average of more than 90 in Test cricket. Remembered as the batsman for his courage during the bodyline series with England. Greatest player which Australia has produced.

Who is the great player in history of cricket?

Don Bradman or W.G.grace

Why is Don Bradman notable?

Because he was an awesome cricket player ;)

Is sir Donald george bradman a legend or a hero?

Sir Don Bradman is the greatest player cricket has ever seen. The best batsmen of all times, he had an average of 99.94 in tests. So naturally he is a legend. A LEGEND which everyone wants to be.

Which is the best cricket player in the entire world?

Sir Don Bradman or Sachin

Who is best ever test player?

Donald Bradman, 99.94 Career Test Average.

Who is the best batsman in cricket?

Arguably, Australian batsman Donald Bradman was the best batsman. Popular as a sporting hero among Australians, Bradman is often regarded as the greatest batsman of all time. His success was exceptional as both an individual and as a team player. Bradman's had a batting average of 99.94 from his 52 Tests, which was nearly double the average of any other player before or since. During the 1930 cricket season, he scored 974 runs over the course of the five Ashes tests, the highest individual total in any test series. Although most cricketers retire by their mid-thirties, Bradman was still playing strongly at almost forty years of age. On 12 June 1948, Bradman scored 138 in the First Test Cricket at Trent Bridge. In his farewell 1948 tour of England the team he led, dubbed "The Invincibles", went undefeated throughout the tour. No other team since has managed to match this.

What do the following people have in common sir Donald Bradman sir bob Geldof sir Robert Menzies Sir Lancelot?

They were all knighted, receiving the title "Sir" for their contributions and achievements in their respective fields.