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Number 1: You play by the rules, even if no one else is watching. Other competitive sports have officials watching everyone all the time; in Golf, you're supposed to watch yourself. I'm not going to claim that I've never used a hand wedge to get out of a bunker, but anytime you're playing for real there's a sense of integrity about the sport (even at my miserable level) that would never tolerate spitballs or crackback blocks. Number 2: It's not how, it's how many. Doesn't matter what your shots look like, it only matter how many you take to get it in the hole. A 300 yard drive counts the same as a six inch putt. Number 3: Respect the course. It's a living thing that the groundskeeper spends a lot of time keeping in shape. Hundreds of people tramp through it every day, and everyone needs to do his part to prevent damage whenever possible or fix any damage done. Fix ball marks on the green. There's almost always a poster in the dressing room to show you how. The course will undoubtedly give you a repair tool if you ask for one, but I find that I can do a better job with less work using the big metal ones that cost a buck or two. Tend divots according to the local instructions: some courses want them replaced, others want them filled in with sand. Don't tear up the trees. Number 4: Swinging hard does not generate distance.
bend your knees

shout fore when a ball is aimed at someone

do not wear your glove whilst putting

i can't be bothered to write the rest sorry

PS: if you live in England go to Kirtlington golf club it is so good

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Q: What are facts about golf?
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