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i don't really know any facts but i think it is good for girls to play football. it makes them feel like one of the jk but they are good at football at least from what ive seen... this is jj12345610 i tink everyone who want's to play football then that ok whoever agree with me click like

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Q: What are facts about girls playing football?
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Why isn't football a girls sport?

Actually girls are aloud to play football but they choose not to because injuries in the breast and because most coaches think girls cant play... So because of those main facts, that is why football is not a girls sport

Do girls play basketball in Togo?

Usually, Girls play Football instead of playing basketball in Togo.The have a passion for Football.

Can girls play on there school's team?

YES because some girls want to play there is no rule about girls playing football

Do more girls play soccer than boys?

No there are more boys playing football (soccer) than girls, unfotunately.. but girls aren't quite accepted in this game, I should know since I play football (soccer).. it's getting more and more accepted, but it's still weird for boys to see a girl playing football, and enjoying it.

What do ten year old girls do for fun?

run around playing football

What is song was playing when Cady seen Aron on the field playing football in mean girls?

Built This Way - Samantha Ronson

Does girls playing football effect women rights?

It is a total misconception that playing football effect women rights. Rather, this would strengthen their physical and mental set up and assist them in the long run.

What are the good things about playing football?

Learn the everlasting rewards of discipline, teamwork, and getting girls. Bling$

Where is he playing football at?

He is playing football where there is football.

Could girls play football?

Girls do play football.

Why can't Girls play sport with boys?

I think girls should be able to play sports with boys beause what if girls really like football and no one would let them play so that wouldn't be fare.Because boys are stronger than girls, and it is dangerous. it's dangerous because if you're playing football, girls can get seireously injured.

Why girls like football?

Most of the time girl's play football to get stress off their shoulders. Also it helps to take all your anger out in the game. Or... maybe because they just like playing football?

Can girls play professional fooball?

I guess if u want 2 u could but it is rough when u play football and men even get hurt in it so i can't imagine girls playing it. but relax I'm a girl and i like football but if i play I'll be like this: Xc and i just like being like this: :D!! sorry but i dunno if girls could play football.!

What percentage of girls play football?

75 :/: of girls actually play football did you know that

What is correct the boys are playing football now or the boys is playing football now?

The boys are playing football now.

Who played Kevin the football player in the golden girls episode?

Christopher Daniel Barnes played Kevin, the football star whom Dorothy was failing in school, preventing from playing in the big game.

What is an example of boys and girls think differently?

Girls like to talk to each other a lot and are interested in fashion. Boys like to play football and like playing COD.

What are books about girls who play football?

Playing with the boys: a Pretty Tough novel. There is also the Underdogs by Mike Lupica and it features a girl football player as one of the main roles but a boy is the main character.

Who is in the girls football team?

Are you asking if any Wiki User Girls Or People In General Played On A Football Team Or NFL Wise? I Played Wide Reciver At My Middle School&I Plan On Playing In My Freshman Yearr It's Fun When You Understand All The Playss

What are some facts about football gloves?

There are not facts about football gloves, because they are a boring topic, so therefore nobody cares...

What are the Dangers of playing arena football?

the dangers of playing arena football are the same as if you were to play outdoor football

What you do playing football?

nfl football, who is playing tonight,nov. 10,13

What are some historical football facts?

When were football boots invented

How many football teams are there in world?

There are a Total of 1,904,834 Football Teams in the World ( Does not include Reserve or Youth or Girls Football Teams )

What are facts about the 1950s?

idk very much but i do know that the segregation was in the 1950s and that all girls wore skirts and dresses except when at home and playing outside.