What are examples of gas matter?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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well there are plenty but here are most common neon , the gasoline tank you put for your grill, and air but remember these aren't the only ones there are A LOT more :D

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Q: What are examples of gas matter?
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Examples of gas state of matter?

fixed gas state of matter

What are the three examples of matter?

solid liquid gas

What are 5 examples of gas matter?


What is gas in matter?

Examples of gas: oxygen, hydrogen, methane, helium, radon, etc.

Is air an examples of matter?

No its not, air is actually and example of gas.

What are the examples of kinds of matter?

There are three kinds of matter: gas: argon; liquid: water; solid: wood

What are two examples for each of the four states of matter?

state two examples for each of the four states of matter

What are the expamples of the interchangeability of matter?

the examples if interchangeability of matter into three types are- 1.solid. 2.Liquid. 3.Gas.

What are some examples of a chemical change in matter?

Examples of chemical changes of matter include, but are not limited to: color change, formation of a precipitate, formation of a gas, change in energy.

What is matter and give me three example of matter?

Matter is objects that take up space and have mass. Three examples of matter are: 1) Solid 2) Liquid 3) Gas

Identify the three states of matter and give two examples of substances in each state?

The three states of matter are solid, liquid, and gas. Examples are iron, water, and oxygen respectively.

What are the 3 examples of matter?

The three main types of matter are liquid,solid, and a gas. There is a fourth, which is called "plasma". Plasma is found on the sun.