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Q: What are examples of compounds at a fifth grade level?
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Are decimals fifth grade level?

no they are third grade

What grade level is ready level e?

Ready Level E is typically designed for students in 4th grade. It focuses on developing reading comprehension and vocabulary skills at that grade level.

Is diary of a wimpy kid a fifth grade level?


What grade level should read A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle?

Anywhere from advanced fourth of fifth up.

How do you use the word personification in a sentence on a fifth grade level?

The dog talked to me and i screamed - way to say it

What is the fifth trophic level?

The fifth trophic level of the food chain are Apex predators. This means they are at the top of the food chain and have no predators. Two examples of Apex predators are humans and grizzly bears.

What do you do to get your fifth grade math level up before you go into fifth grade?

Well, using a workbook before fifth grade during summer can help get your score up. There are some worksheets on the web of basic facts. Those are always helpful. You can also go back to old fourth grade papers and correct problems you missed. That will help you understand the process. Have fun!!!

What is the average reading grade level in Canada?

Most books recommend writing at about a fifth-grade reading level. Some people read better than that, and some cannot read as well, but that is the accepted average. Writing at that level will mean that most people will be able to understand you.

What writing level is this?

WikiAnswers tries to write on an average level, which works out to be around fifth grade reading level. Some of the more basic questions will have lower reading levels because they are obviously written by younger kids or people who don't speak very good English, and some of the harder questions are written at college level because they are obviously college type questions, but the average will be around fifth grade.

What are the first grade level vocabulary words?

Some examples of first grade level vocabulary words include: cat, dog, run, jump, happy, sad, big, small, up, down, in, out.

What grade level is the spelling word Columbus?

I'd say about third to fifth grade. It's an easy word to make out (for its sound), excluding the "us" part (which many students mix up for "is").

Where can you find fifth grade study link 6.6 from everyday mathematics on the internet?

This link has the PDF file for working on the Order of Operations at the fifth grade level. It shows you the answers and also shows you how to follow through with them.