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Basically your driver or woods depending on your set are used for your first shot: hitting the ball of the tee. This club has got the biggest face meaning it can get more distance. Then your irons are for using on the fairway to get your closer to the hole. I usually use my 9 iron most of the time on the fairway. Then your sand wedges are for getting out of bunkers and your pitching wedges are used for chipping onto the green but for chipping you can also use your irons. Then your other wedges or clubs like 5 or 6 irons are more for the use of getting yourself out of the rough where the grass is thicker. These clubs are a bit heaver and stronger. Then your putter is for putting the ball into the hole on the green. When using your putter you shouldn't take a big back swing just a light tap depending on the distance from the ball to the hole.

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Q: What are each of your golf clubs for?
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