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e-grip is an electronic grip frame, basically it uses the power in a 9v battery to activate a pancake solenoid and trip the sear (which in turn fires the marker) the electronic circut board enables there to be different firing modes (semi-auto, full auto, burst modes etc) The response trigger (RT) on the other hand uses gas from the marker to trip the sear, all the trigger does is open a small valve that allows the gas into the pneumatic ram (the ram is what trips the sear) the RT is a non-electronic alternative so it does not have modes but it can be "sweet spotted" so it is essentially firing full auto. every field i have come across will allow the e-grip but not all will allow the RT, since the RT is not electronic there is no way to limit how many balls per second it will fire and some fields have BPS limits for their insurance

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Q: What are e-grips and response triggers and are they legal in paintball fields in Massachusetts?
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