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Q: What are disadvantages of running?
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What were the disadvantages of being a roman soilder?

the running

What were the disadvantages of the ford model t?

it was very slow running

What are the advantages and disadvantages of running water?

mineral water does not contain fluorine which strengths our teeth

What are the disadvantages of reusable diapers?

As with any form of diaper, reusable diapers have their advantages and disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages might be cleaning the diapers after use and the inevitable baby having a bad day and running out of diapers with no back up plan.

What are some potential advantages/disadvantages to running regarding the human body?

Running is great cardio/vascular exercise. This increases blood flow and strengthens the heart. It can also be detrimental to your knees and ankles with improper running technique.

Disadvantages of retailing?

One disadvantage to retailing is the costs associated with running a retail facility. You have to pay for utilities and market the location.

What are disadvantages of Website?

There are no real disadvantages to websites other than perhaps maintenance costs associated with running them such as hosting, design, content, advertising, etc. Websites are excellent marketing and sales tools in the internet age.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of event driven programming?

Advantages: Ease of development, Flexibility, Simplicity and suitable for graphical interfaces. Disadvantages: Complex, Hard to control, Time consuming to get event loops and event handlers running.

What are the disadvantages of a small business?

You may not get enough income to continue running it as a large buisness would and you are in risk of a larger company buying you out.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of inkscape?

the advantage of plastic is that its cheap to buy and easy to recycle the disavantages of plastic is that its made with oil and oil is running out!

What are the disadvantages of using apple mac instead of PC?

The Apple Mac is a personal computer (PC). Apple Macs can be down graded by running the Windows operating system on them like most other PCs. There are no disadvantages in using an Apple Mac.

What were the disadvantages of the continental army?

Some were they were running out of food and water and that meant illness and less fighters. The population was on Britain's side they had 50,000 people fighting for them.