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Q: What are disadvantages of a chip and pin device?
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Is a chip and PIN an input or output device?

Input! x

Advantages and disadvantages of 'chip and pin'?

no lol

What are advantages and disadvantages of chip readers and PIN pads?

Advantage: You need both the chip and the PIN to make successful transactions in store. Disadvantage: Cards are easily cloned, and people can be careless when using their PIN.

What is the input of an Chip and pin payment device?

There both

What data is output in a monitor in a supermarket?

Barcode Scanner. Touch Screen. Chip and Pin Device. Magnetic Strip Reader. Keypad. Keyboard.

What are chipboards disadvantages?

they chip lol

What are chip and pin machines used for?

The simplest system - is on your ATM card. When you insert your card into an ATM - the system reads the data stored on the chip. It then matches that data with the central computer - so it knows what PIN should be entered. If you enter the correct PIN, you can proceed to withdraw cash - if the PIN is wrong - you get another two attempts, before the machine retains your card. Using a chip & PIN card in a shop to buy goods - the system is the same as an ATM. The difference is - if you fail to enter the correct PIN three times, the system simply disables your card - and you have to order a new one !

What is the maximum number of inputs you could have on say an OR gate If it were a 16 pin chip could you have 14 pin inputs one Vcc and on GND?

You need an output pin as well, so in the example of the 16 pin chip, you could have 13 inputs.

What is function of server?

In DDR1 the Chip is in Rectangle shape and DDR2 the Chip Shape is in Square and DDR2 is Chip smaller than DDR1.DDR1 is centre cutting 7.5cm.DDR2 is centre cutting 7cm.DDR1 pin 92. DD2 pin 122.DDR1 pin is larger than DDR2.

What device is a RAM chip?


How do you identify pin 1 on any IC chip?

Simple case: First pin to the LEFT of a dot and/or a notch is pin 1. Chip with > 1 dot: The darker/deeper dot is the main dot, first pin to the left is pin 1. No dot or notch, just a semi circle on 1 side: First pin on the left is pin 1.

Why you use chip and pin?

its much easier and better in technology