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carbonized plastic

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Q: What are dimpled softballs for training made of?
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What Countries are softballs made in?

Softballs are made in all countries of the world.

How are softballs made?

by machines

Where are softballs made?

in factorys!

Are softballs made in Haiti?

china and usa

What are softballs made out of?

Most softballs are made out of a solid polyurethane core and a leather cover stitched up with a nylon thread. There is also glue attaching the core and the cover of the softball. However, there are some softballs, the more inexpensive ones, that are made of a cork center and a synthetic cover.

What materials are softballs made of?

cork,thread, and leather

How is a dimpled softball softer than an actual softball?

a dimpled ball is used mainly for machines, it is made of a porous material and is more giving when hit.

What colors do softballs come in?

Softballs are white or black.

What is the difference between durahide softballs and leather softballs?

durahide softballs are usually/ should be less expensive and are often used in games for this reason. leather softballs are a lot better for pitching.

How much do softballs weigh?

Official softballs weigh 6.8 oz.

Why do oranges have a dimpled skin surface?

God made them that way. The real question you are asking is "What are the advantages of an orange's dimpled skin." The answer lies in golf balls. Why are golf balls dimpled? It turns out that dimpled objects tend to be more aerodynamically favored. Therefore, an orange will be more aerodynamically favored with it's dimpled skin so I guess it doesn't get blown off the tree more easily cause air flows past it without causing as much resistance

What is the outside of a softball made of and what is the outside of a baseball made of?

Baseballs are made of horsehide or cowhide stitched together. Softballs are made of leather.

Are softballs heavier than baseballs?

Softballs are generally heavier than baseballs.

What were the first softballs made out of?

A boxing glove, tied together to make the shape of a ball.

How to construct a sentence using dimpled chin?

The dimpled chin of Kirk Douglas is world-renowned. Your dimpled chin has more of a cleft than a simple dimple.

Are softballs hard?

Yes! Some people think they aren't because they are called SOFTballs, but they definitely are!

Why are SOFTballs hard?

The reason they call them softballs is because they have a soft core not because they are supposed to be soft on the outside.

What is the difference between slow-pitch softballs and fast-pitch softballs?

slow pitch ball is harder

What companies make softballs?

Softballs are made by a variety of companies. Examples include Jugs, Demarini, MacGregor, Evil Ball, Wilson, Dudley and Worth Official. One can find all of these varieties for purchase on the Amazon website.

Can you put softballs in oven?


Can softballs be recycled?

Yes they can

What were used as dodgeballs?


What is the difference between slow pitch softballs and fast pitch softballs?

One is thrown slow and the other is thrown fast.

What are the ratings and certificates for Softballs - 2012?

Softballs - 2012 is rated/received certificates of: Canada:14A (Ontario)

Why was the ceiling of the Pantheon dimpled like a golf ball?

The ceiling of the Pantheon was dimpled "like a golf ball" to relieve stress from the dome.

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