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floating is floating and swimming is swimming

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Q: What are different kind of floating in swimming?
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What are different kind of floating?

In swimming, there are different kinds of floating. These are namely mushroom, back star or supine, front star or prone, as well as pencil float.

Floating in swimming?

Floating is not swimming,yet it is a step to swimming.

Do we get tanned on swimming?

It really depends on what kind of swimming your doing. If your floating, still, and in the sun yes. But, if your swimming very quickly, your probably not going to get one.

What are the different kinds of floating?

In swimming, there are different kinds of floating. These are namely mushroom, back star or supine, front star or prone, as well as pencil float.

What is surface swimming?

called floating

What is a Collection of floating or swimming organisms called?


What is the synonym for floating?

drifting. swimming. or, vagabond. vagrant.

What kind of homes do blue whales live in?

Whales live in the oceans of the world. They do not have homes as we know them. They are constantly swimming or floating freely in the water. The whole oceans are their homes.

What are some plants and animals in nekton?

"Nekton" means "swimming things." Most nekton are fish. Not too many swimming plants, though; they mostly appear (unrooted) as "plankton" or "floating things." Actually, there are both zoplankton (floating critters) and phytoplankton (floating veggies).

What are synonyms of swimming?

undrowning, unsinking, floating in a forward direction

How do you know if a Siamese Fighting Fish is dead?

When it is floating not swimming.

Will swimming get you in shape?

It depends on if you are lap swimming or just floating around in the pool. If you are lap swimming it can work a variety of muscles in your body and if you do it correctly will get you in better shape.

What is a synonym for swimming?

Aquatics is the main synonym but you can also have floating and natation

How do you measure temperature of a swimming pool?

The easiest way is with a floating thermometer.

What are the Millions of tiny black bugs floating in our swimming pool?


Why is the titanic a floating hotel?

the titanic was a floating hotel because it had a library a swimming pool squash courts and a lot more

Do they have special rules for swimwear in Paris like women can't wear a bikini?

Large, floating swimming wear (the kind used for windsurfing) is forbidden. It has to be designed to swim. It is looked upon to be scantily dressed. A bikini "might" be acceptable, but women usually wear one-piece swimming wear. some swimming pool ask you to have your hair covered.

How do corals get food?

coral captures mycroscopic particals from plankton swimming or floating

What is the importance of floating in swimming?

When you know how to float, you won't drown (due to exhaustion).

The different kind of physical fitness test?

swimming jogging basketball

Why did they call the Titanic a floating palace?

because she was a grand ship that had lots of strong features like the grand staircase and the swimming pool (titanic was first ship to have a pool) she was a floating palace!

What are the basic skills in swimming?

Floating, strokes (butterfly, breast, back, and crawl), and breathing.

What are the four kinds of floating in swimming?

1.jellyfish 2. supine

What is the best way remove floating insects from the surface of a swimming pool?

You can skim them with screenwire. Most dealers of pool supplies have a pole with a screen on one end made especially for that purpose. The best way to keep these under control is to install a floating swimming pool skimmer. there are several different types available however the most effective is a suction-side cleaner known as the Dragonfly Super Skimmer, these take advantage of the surface tension of the water and rapidly remove most floating object on the water. they can be found at

What are the types of floating?

name and describe the different types of floating