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Soccer the ball goes through a two goal posts in to a net and in Basketball you throw the ball into a net. im sure there are better explanations but this is just a basic one.

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Q: What are differences between soccer and basketball?
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What are the main differences between basketball and soccer?

1. In basketball, there is a basket hoop thing and insoccer, there is goal net thing.2. In basketball, they use a basketball and in soccer, there is a soccerball.3. In basketball, they wear jordans or sneakers and in soccer, they wear cleats

What are the differences between Samoan soccer and New Zealand soccer?


What are the differences between volleyball and soccer?

Volleyball is played with a volleyball while soccer is played with a soccer.

What are the differences between regular soccer and special Olympics soccer?

Age Limits

What are the differences between Australian and German soccer?

In Australia we don't play soccer.

What are the differences in height between wheelchair basketball and regular basketball?

Four Feet

What are the differences and similarities between tennis and basketball?

In basketball you have a ball and in tennis you have a ball

Differences between soccer and football?

the balls and the name

WhAT Are some differences between volleyball and basketball?

where you put ball

What are the differences between soccer clubs in japan?

Its core, the game follows the rules of soccer, but with noticeable differences. the game centers around a national soccer tournament set in Japan

What are the differences between an official NCAA basketball and an official NBA basketball?

There the same size, 29.5

What is the weight difference between a basketball and a soccer ball?

Beacause in soccer you use your feet the ball can't be as hard as it might be in basketball when you only use your hands.

What are the differences between skateboarding and basketball?

Two totally different sports.

What is the differences between basketball wives and basketball wives LA?

Basketball ball wives is from around the world and basketball wives La is just in L.A.

Where are the differences between basketball and volleyball?

In basketball you are dribbling a ball and shooting it in a hoop. In volleyball you are hitting a ball over a net. There are more differences, these are just a few.

What was a popular Aztec game that was a cross between volleyball basketball and soccer?


When was the soccer ball replaced with the basketball in basketball?

the soccer ball was never used

What is your favorite sport Soccer Volleyball Basketball Baseball or Laccrosse?


What are the differences in men and women basketball?

The difference between women basketball and men basketball was that men had two goals and women had only one.

What is the differences between basketball and football?

Go watch video's of both. This will show you.

What are the differences between soccer and baseball?

you kick a soccer ball and thought a basckball YOU KICK A RUGBY BALL AND HIT A BASEBALL

What is the difference between basketball and wheelchair basketball?

regular basketball is normall basketball and wheelchair basketball you play in wheel chairsThere are lots of differences as there are all spakerswho ever answered this question is a fanny

What are the differences between high school and pro basketball leagues?

maybe u get paid

What are the similarities and differences between handball and basketball?

both use my mom's balls :3

Which is better soccer or basketball?

Football - aka soccer