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passing shooting

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Q: What are descriptive words for a basketball?
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What are descriptive words?

descriptive words are also known as vivid words.

What are some descriptive words?

Gibberish and nonsense are descriptive words.

What are ten visually descriptive words?

The English language is filled with visually descriptive words. Ten visually descriptive words include pretty, muscular, manly, dainty, charming, shapely, robust, elegant, lovely, and nimble.

What are some positive descriptive words that begin with the letter I?

Inspiring is a positive descriptive word. Industrious is a positive descriptive word.

Fireword descriptive words to describe it?

fire words

Action word descriptive word. beginning with x?

descriptive words starting with X

What are descriptive K words?

Khaki, knotty, key, keen, kind, kinetic, kiddy and knowledgeable are descriptive words. They begin with the letter k.

What are some descriptive words that end in y that can people moods and character?

There are various descriptive words for people's moods. They can be Moody, horny, sexy etc.

Can you have a list of descriptive words to describe a gull?

You certainly can have a list of descriptive words to describe a gull. There is no rule against this.

Can you have a list of descriptive words to describe art work?

You can have a list of descriptive words to describe any art work. The descriptive words that you choose to use will be guided by how you feel as you reflect on the work. You'll want to use words to describe the way all of your senses "feel" when looking at what the artist has put before you.

Descriptive M words?


Descriptive o words?


How do you describe a sculpture?

With descriptive words.

What is descriptive words about a gorilla?


What are descripted words?

they are good descriptive words to describe the main subject.

What are some descriptive N words?

There are many descriptive words or adjectives that start with the letter n. Some include narrow, nasal, nasty, natural, native, and nautical.

What is imagery in writing?

Imagery is the use of descriptive words so that the reader can get a vision in their head. Many authors use descriptive words because their books don't have pictures.

What category of compound words is basketball in?

Basketball is in the separate words category.

What are very descriptive words about volcanoes?

they are adjectives

Are descriptive words called adjectives?

Yes they are.

What are descriptive words in poetry called?


How can you describe aliens?

by using descriptive words.

What are two words joined by a hyphen called?

A descriptive adjective

Two words joined by a hyphen make?

.descriptive adjective

What descriptive words can you use for activity?